100 ways to save electricity-Let us save electricity!

Electricity became a common use back in the 18th century. Electricity was experimented by Benjamin Franklin and was later followed by Thomas Edison by inventing the electric light bulb. In modern days the usage of electricity has become common to an extent where each and every individual depends on electricity for their day to day work. Hence every individual should equally contribute towards saving electricity. Hence, this article will be able to understand 100 ways to save electricity and the areas in which we should pay much attention to reduce it.

100 ways to save electricity

What is meant by saving electricity?-Before talking about 100 ways to save electricity…

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Saving electricity refers to the usage of electricity when needed and avoid wastage of it.

Why is it important to save electricity?

  • Savings in the electricity bills
  • Acid rains, carbon dioxide, and toxic gases used in electricity production can poison the environment. Therefore electricity saving would minimize such pollution
  • Usage of alternative technology and opportunities
  • Discover alternative methods of entertainment. For example, individuals can discover free forms of entertainment as opposed to watching TV, playing games, etc.

100 ways to save electricity

Methods of saving electricity

We can adopt the following methods to save electricity;

01. Turn off unnecessary lights

Switch on the lights only when it is necessary. Avoid switching on lights when not needed. Adopt the usage of LED bulbs which will help to reduce electricity consumption.

02. Use natural light

During day time we should always take the maximum usage of natural light. It is important to have appropriate window settings to direct natural light when carrying out various tasks.

03. Unplug unused electronics

Always unplug computers, printers, and other appliances when they are not in use.

100 ways to save electricity

04. Switch to the usage of laptops

Usage of desktop computers consumes more power than laptops. Therefore it is ideal to ditch the use of desktop computers. With technology advancement, companies have developed energy-saving laptops as well. Therefore always adopt the usage of laptops.

05. Usage of LCD TVs

Avoid the usage of CRT TVs and start using LCD TVs which would save more electricity.

06. Promote airflow to block the sun

During day time we should always try to take the maximum use of the sun. However, it is important to have suitable window coverings to block the sun when it’s not needed. These coverings should always promote airflow. This would help in reducing AC and fans.

07. Efficient refrigeration

Always maintain your fridge and freezer at their ideal temperature.

08. Minimum usage of AC

Always try to use natural wind as opposed to AC. This will help to save energy.

09. Leave doors and windows shut when running AC

An open door allows a temperature shift as the cold air generated by AC begins to escape. To counteract this situation make sure to shut all the doors and windows when AC is running.

10. Power saving strips

Plug your computer, cell phone charger, printer, and TV into energy-efficient power strips instead of a normal strip to save energy.

11. Usage of personal assistants

With the integration of Artificial intelligence, individuals have started to invest in personal assistants like google home. These assistants provide many tips like turning devices on and off with your voice.

12. Cover pans during cooking

Cover your pots and pans when cooking so that it would prevent the release of heat thus using less energy.

13. Distance refrigerator from the sun

When placing the refrigerator ensure that it’s placed at a place out of sunlight reach. If sunlight reaches the refrigerator it would get warmed up. Therefore a shaded area would reduce energy usage.

14. Energy Saving mode

When using appliances like TV or phone try to set the brightness and lighting to appropriate levels. Switch to energy-saving mode when needed.

15. Clean the refrigerator

Due to food clutter, the fridge will be unable to optimize circulation within itself. Therefore it’s important to always clean the refrigerator.

16. Use water efficiently

Use water efficiently by managing leaks and usage so that this would reduce energy use as well.

17. Ensure appliances work properly

Appliances that do not work properly will drain energy. Therefore clean, repair and maintain appliances and use energy-saving appliances.

18. Plant more trees

Our surroundings can be hot due to lesser plants. Therefore we can plant many plants around our surroundings. This will absorb more sun rays and provide more wind.

19. Use solar panels

We can install solar panels. This will store the sunlight and convert it into electricity. Thus reducing power consumption.

100 ways to save electricity

20. Play outside

Encourage kids to spend more quality time outside with great bonding and healthy habits. This will ensure kids will play fewer video games and use mobiles and other appliances lesser.

21. Fans Vs AC

When compared to AC, fans will use much lower energy consumption. Therefore try to use more fans than using AC whenever possible.

22. Do laundry at once

Accumulate and do all the laundry at once so that energy usage is minimum.

23. Less use of ventilation fans

Avoid the use of ventilating fans since it blows away heat and AC increasing electricity use.

24. Microwave Vs Oven

A microwave would use less energy compared to an oven. Therefore try and use the microwave whenever possible.

25. Water flow controllers used in the shower

Ensure a water controller is installed at showerheads. They would restrict the amount of water, saving the energy required to heat water.

26. Don’t over light

Find out the most appropriate amount of lights needed for all places and set the lightly in line with it. Therefore over lighting would be minimized and energy saved.

27. Use dimmers on lights

Install dimmers on lights so that if you need more light for activities like reading you can adjust appropriately.

28. Use LED lights for decorations

Always use LED lights for decorations or day to day activities. LED lights will cut off half of the electricity as opposed to CFL bulbs.

100 ways to save electricity

29. Small family walks

Having small family walks will ensure more time spent with family and less energy consumed at home.

30. Have decorative lights on a timer

It would be ideal to have lights for decorations on a timer. This will turn on and off saving electricity.


31. Using candle lights once in a while

We can try using candle lights at least once a month. Candles are inexpensive and available anywhere to be purchased.

32. OLED Technology

In this tech-savvy world, OLED is a new introduction. This is more energy-efficient than LEDs. However, since there are new to the market it would take some time for it to be available at all shops.

33. Prevent Leaks

Always ensure there are no spots to leak energy through doors and windows. This will keep the temperature within the house itself.

34. Light coloured roofing

Some companies off the light coloured roofing while some offer dark coloured roofing to reflect heat back.

35. Prepaid electricity bills

We can try and discuss with the electricity company to have a prepaid service where we pay only for the electricity that we have used.

36. The lower temperature on the water heater

Lowering the temperature a few degrees on your water heater can save some money off the electricity bill

37. Teach kids

It would be ideal if we can make the younger generation adopt energy-saving practices from the small days itself.

38. Use devices with good energy ratings

In today’s world, there is plenty of equipment that has star energy ratings. Therefore it would be important to always use such devices as opposed to normal devices.

39. Use motion sensors

We can use motion sensors which will turn lights on only when something or someone is moving

40. Digital systems controlling lights

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There are digital systems you can install that control lights throughout your home. They offer remote control features through a connected mobile app. These will help to determine the most efficient use of light and automate the turning on and off process.

41. Reduce the number of free-standing lights

Sometimes accidentally we have a tendency to turn on freestanding lights. Therefore having such lights to a minimum level is essential.

42. Have light-coloured lamp shades

As an alternative for freestanding lights, we can have light coloured lamp shades at corners. This will reflect light from two walls.

100 ways to save electricity

43. Have light-coloured curtains

This will allow sunlight to enter and brighten the area without having too much heat.

44. Use shades to block sunlight

During warm days we can use shades to block sunlight from entering and keep the atmosphere cool.

45. Use reflective coating

We can apply reflective coating on the roof to prevent deterioration

46. Place screens on windows

We can place screens on windows to reduce the impact of UV rays.

47.  Optimum use of fridge

Empty refrigerators consume more power than fully stacked. Therefore always have the refrigerator fully loaded. Avoid the purchase of additional refrigerators.

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48. Keep the oven door closed

Opening and closing the oven causes temperature changes of up to 25 degrees. So keep the oven door closed while cooking.

49. Turn off burners

When your meal is almost finished, try turning off your oven or stove burners early. The remaining heat is enough to finish the cooking.

50. Always clean your oven

A clean oven has shorter warm-ups than dirty ones.

51. Minimum opening and closing of the door

When preparing a meal with many ingredients, take as many as possible out of the refrigerator at once to avoid opening and closing its door. Every time warm air enters the unit, it ends up having to use more energy to cool down again.

52. Use suitable pots for suitable burners

Use a pot that fits the burner because a small pot would not need all the heat of a big burner.

53. Use copper-bottomed pots

Copper-bottomed pots would use energy more efficiently when cooking foods on stoves.

54. Always clean the stove reflector pans as they can reflect more heat upwards.

55. Leave washers temperature cold to avoid wasting energy.

56. Air dry light fabrics and use a dryer for heavy fabrics.

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57. To keep the dryer’s efficiency at a higher level always ensure to clean the dryer before every load.

58. Check your clothes on the dryer

Overdrying wastes energy and causes wrinkling.

59. Ensure the dryer is venting outside

This will ensure AC does not have to work extra to maintain them cool.

60. If computers are not used for longer periods, adjust their settings to sleep.

61. Frequently check water pipes for leaks and fix them.

62. It is ideal to have short hot water showers or lukewarm water that can be used instead.

63. Adjust the temperature of water heaters

Adjust the temperature of water heaters to about 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This helps to keep water hot enough for a day.

67. Off water heaters when leaving home

Always ensure to turn off water heaters while you’re not at home. Otherwise, it would heat up the water in a standby manner.

65. Schedule your own power cuts

In situations where there are actual power cuts, what would we do? Think about it for one or two hours and start applying the same practice thinking there are power cuts.

66. Front loading washing machines use less water and less cost to operate.

67. Do not preheat ovens unless it’s required.

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68. For food that takes low time to cook can be cooked using pressure cookers.

69. Ensure hot foods are cooled down before placing them on the refrigerator.

70. Defrost refrigerator regularly

Freezers remove heat and use more power. Generally, only 90% of the freezer’s capacity is used for freezing.

100 ways to save electricity

71. Do not buy larger appliances than required or electric appliances when hand-operated one satisfies the job.

72. Use an iron that allows the temperature to be controlled.

73. Operate swimming pool filter pumps for minimum periods.

74. Paint walls in a light colour as dark colours absorb light.

75. Cover glass doors with drapes to keep heat out of your home.

76. Seal air leaks by applying to caulk.

77. Remove your phone from the charger when it’s charged to 100%. This will prevent the charger from consuming energy unnecessarily.

78. Ensure to clean all the appliances regularly as dirty appliances consume more energy than clean ones.

79. Apply mulch in your garden since this will slow the water evaporation from the soil.

80. Flatten steep slopes since plants on steep slopes absorb less water.

81. Collect rainwater during rainy days and use it for purposes like watering plants, bathing pets or washing appliances.

82. Group plants together so that it’s easier to water the plants when they are closer together

83. Chose a low voltage bulb as it will make your home more energy-efficient.

84. If you are working on one area of the room use task light like lamps instead of turning on a common light.

85. Lack of lubrication will cause friction, increasing the electricity that the heating system uses. Therefore lubricate system parts.

86. Since glass or ceramic dishes use less heat always try using these for cooking.

87. Turn the ice maker off since we might not use all the ice it produces.

88. Try making cool meals once in a while to stop using hot appliances

89. Avoid installing downlights since it uses a lot of energy.

90. Always purchase a mobile phone that provides optimum battery-saving capacity. This will require less charging.

91. Hold campaigns to create awareness about saving electricity.

92. Recycling paper, plastic, glasses can reduce the energy consumption

93. Ensure houses or workplaces are insulated well. This will reduce the amount of energy needed to cool down the area.

94. Reduce paper waste by printing only when needed. This will reduce the energy consumption of the printer

95. We can recycle old electronic equipment. Materials for new electronics can be recycled from old ones rather than building from scratch.

96. We can try using alternative electricity generating methods like biogas.

97. Switching to green power. Green power is a program that accredits to use of clean renewable electricity in homes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

98. We can try using an app to track energy usage. This will help to track electricity usage and manage it effectively.

99. Also, we can use appliances that can be controlled using smartphones.

100. Use energy-efficient dishwashers.

100 ways to save electricity

Wrapping up

If all of us actively contribute to saving electricity this can be achieved very easily. Conclusively, the above article gives a detailed report on 100 ways to save electricity. Start following these practices from now onwards. This will lead to a more electricity-saving world. Help to make a leafy ground.

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