How Will Veganism And Climate Change Be In The Future?

The world’s greatest enemy is climate change, and it is bearing upon us closer and closer. What do we do about it, what steps can we take to change this, and keep both the planet and ourselves and the future generations to come, clean and healthy?

Climate change is one of man’s greatest of all challenges. Climate change is a threat to all humanity and the environment. Every blessed country and continent is suffering because of it, affecting our health, agriculture, ecosystems, water, and animals. If this is not seen to soon, climate change and air pollution will be at our doorstep very pronto.

People are now coming to their senses, and changing their lifestyle by driving energy-efficient cars, transforming the light bulb to energy-saving power. But this is not enough, as you know. So if you are serious in changing the world and its environment, take action and make a difference, turn your carbon footprint into something worthwhile. Something, of which your grand and great-grandchildren can be proud. In changing your carbon footprint, then you can begin by changing your eating habits. It starts by avoiding eating meat and dairy products.

Climate Change
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Most of the animals… 

Most of the animals that are raised on farms and industries, we know are slaughtered for their meat. It is all for the consumption of meat-eating and meat-eaters. Before these animals are slaughtered – they are well fed with tons of grain and water, after which they are killed, processed, and transported to markets and shops. Storing these meats is highly energy serving. Trees in forests are cut down to make room for more pastureland and to grow crops for these farmed animals. The toxic waste that these animals relieve, from their bodies, becomes manure, and this releases even more greenhouse gases and emissions into the atmosphere, which further contaminates the environment and the planet.

The gases released from this toxic waste are carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide, which are potent greenhouses gases. All this combined causes a lot of damage and brings about climate change to the planet, burning oil and gasoline, which are fossil fuels that release carbon dioxide, which causes all the damage and contributes to climate change. When fossil fuel oil and gasoline is burnt, this will, in turn, release carbon dioxide.

So to produce just one calorie of animal protein, it will take about 11 times of burning fuel and much less in producing a calorie of grain protein. So think about it, isn’t it much cheaper and cleaner if this protein is produced from vegetables or plant-based green sources rather than from animal sources? It is by far much better, and more eco-friendly if we seriously started on a diet in plant-based vegetables and going Vegan rather than having animal produce. By doing this, you can reduce and contribute towards your carbon imprint by going vegan.

Have you seen how all these animals are kept?

Millions and millions of animals are kept cooped up in farms and factories; this then produces all the methane. These animals produce gas while their food is being digested. These gases also come from all the faeces that the animals excrete. So the primary source and culprit are in animal husbandry (agriculture), which produces these significant emissions of methane. Methane is 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide, and these sources of gases are potential traps of heat in the air that we breathe and pollute in the atmosphere. Whether animals are raised to eat organic food or grain that is produced, it is still the same; they will emit even more methane.

Nitrous Oxide acid is even more deadly and 300 times more dangerous than carbon dioxide greenhouse gases. So all the meat and egg and dairy industries are to blame for about 65% of global nitrous oxide emissions.

 According to the UN reports, we have to change our eating habits to a much safer way of protecting ourselves and the planet. It is advisable if we could make an effort towards a plant-based food diet, if we are really to make a huge impact, then we have to change first and save the planet. Animal husbandry is the main scrooge and the worst thing that could happen to climate change.

Climate Change
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Climate change

We all jolly well know how much we suffer in the intense heat as it rises and keeps rising more and more than what it was 50 years ago. This is also partly due to animal agriculture, as it is responsible for 14.5% of global greenhouse gas pollution.

So going Vegan – can it help?

Naturally, if we all get together and pull our socks up and – switch to Vegan eating, this is the positive impact and change it will make. It will be one of the most significant ways that we can help to curb carbon emissions. Vegan eaters have the lowest carbon emissions in going vegan and eating a vegan diet. The pollution of discharge of gas could be cut down by 60%

There are many ways in which we can change our eating habits. It will better serve you and the environment, and we can all lead good healthy lives. The more meats and dairy, we guzzle down the sicker we get. So dropping these two can save your health time and money.

Most people consume more meats than vegetables and fruits. Consuming meats only is a highly unbalanced diet and prone to various illnesses like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc., so refrain from eating meats, especially processed meats.

Climate Change
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How do you begin to be a vegan?

Switching over to be a vegan can be difficult and a bit tricky, especially so, after many years of eating junk food, meats and poultry, and dairy products. But once you hit on a plan and stick to it, you can achieve your goal. Of course, you must remember that this transition from meat to Vegan has to be done gradually and don’t expect to do it in a day! And expect a miracle to happen! So start things very slowly. That is the first keynote to success. Take baby steps. Make the switch over one day of the week, like knocking off your meat dish to something more vegan based. The next day change it to something else. Just make the changes here and there, then you won’t feel the loss of your favourite meals.

 Remember that you can make your vegan meal just as tasty and yummy. There are so many vegan-based recipes on the net, and recipe books in the library that you can borrow and many eating houses now serve Vegan based foods as well. So don’t feel lost at all. Try changing one meal a day, say breakfast or lunch. Experiment and see how it works for you. One week have a delicious vegan lunch. The next day maybe a vegan breakfast, this way, the transition to a vegan diet will be much smoother and comfortable, and you will be able to reach your goal.

As you begin, your vegan diet is sure that all the nutrients and vitamins are included in your meals.

So what do we eat as Vegans?

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Grains – pasta, bread, rice, couscous, bulgar, millet, quinoa,
  • Legumes, nuts, and seeds – chickpeas, black beans, and other beans. These are a great plant-based source of proteins. Nuts are packed with nutrients. Flaxseeds, walnuts, or chia seeds for omega 3.
  • Tofu and temps
  • Fortified dairy substitutes – almonds, oats, or soy milk as well as plant-based yoghurt.
  • Vegan food products – vegan burger patties, vegan mayonnaise, and vegan ice cream.

Buy lots of fruits and vegetables from the farmer’s market or supermarket. Buy some tinned cans of dried beans like chickpeas, black beans, and lentils. These are cheap and also very filling, and have a lot of proteins in them.

If you want something for your deserts, there is always fruit, but on a particular day, you can treat yourself to some vegan ice cream or vegan cheese. These items are a bit expensive, but what the heck! When you want to treat yourself to something special, go for it it is after all VEGAN! So no worries at all.

Climate Change
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The bottom line  

You can also make something tasty at home, which is much better if you are more of a home bird. If not, there are unique places that you can go to and order something vegan.

There are heaps of vegan recipes that you can also get from your vegan eating friends. Select what you would like in your vegan diet, and take a chance on making some of these delicious vegan recipes.

Eating pasta is very good, and lots of vegans love their pasta eating! When buying pasta, check the label to see whether it is made with vegan ingredients. Vegans also love eating lots, and lots of whole grain and pasta as this food are high in proteins and high in energy.

Vegans also eat bread, which is made from flour, yeast salt, and water. However, some bakeries sell breads that sometimes may contain dairies such as whey or eggs fillers or stabilizers. So this would not be suitable for a vegan eater, as it is not plant-based.

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