Fed up of what you have been eating? Here are the Global benefits of Vegetarianism

There are lots of people globally going on a vegetarian diet. It is considered to be one of the healthiest eating habits in the world. The best way to stay healthy and happy. Having a green meal is a complete meal by itself. Becoming this means you are eating healthy, and consuming the correct nutrients, fiber, and vitamins C, E, folic acid and magnesium, unsaturated fats, and numerous photochemical.

These guys have lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure and a reduced risk of heart disease. Being one of them is easy and a piece of cake! By consuming vegetables, the food also digests appropriately in our system. They also take a lesser time to cook, which is very healthy and not much costly either compared to eating meats and processed foods. So, it is a win, win all the way home!! Remember they are a necessary part of our growing bones and keeping our bodies healthy, and also plays an enormous role in our environment.

Global benefits of Vegetarianism

The fantastic benefits of being a Vegetarian

  • The more you eat fruits and stuff, the less toxin and chemicals will build up in our bodies. This will give us a longer life span.
  • Eating red meats, and processed foods and dairy products will only make us sicker and build up more fat in our arteries. These, with time, will get clogged and blocked, leading to heart attacks and strokes. Whereas if you are a strict follower in the diet, you will be healthy and have no stress of worrying about your cholesterol levels. Of course, our cholesterol levels can come from our system as well, and we must both have our good and bad cholesterol levels, not necessarily the bad! But at least the good!! However, they need not worry about getting high levels or too little of it. The body most certainly can make cholesterol from vegan foods, as well. However, it has been found that following such a regime, both body fat and cholesterol levels were lower than those who consumed meat, and who were omnivores.

  Fewer risks of stroke and obesity

  • They are usually very conscientious of their fare and food choice. They do not succumb to emotions, and change their minds, and pick foods that they like or hunger to eat. They are very strict minded and will follow being one right down to the letter T. So if you want to avoid being obese or avoid a stroke, stay away from red meats and dairy products.

Reduce the risk of diabetes

  • People who eat only meat, and generally who are not vegetarians usually have high levels of blood sugar, and or even more elevated levels of sugar after meals. You can change this if you change your lifestyle and diet and move on to such a nourishment plan. Having such a meal plan is much easier to absorb and is above all very notorious and does not have any fatty acids.

Glowing skin 

  • Ha… Here is your beauty secret and tip to a happier you and bright glowing skin. Being one gives your skin that super glow. Eating healthy with the right number of vitamins and minerals with plenty of water, fruits, and more helpings of the foods that are rich in vitamins and antioxidants that will make your skin will glow and sparkle. They are water-based; if you eat them raw, it is even better as it has all the healthy nutrients. So, if you still feel hungry after your meals, go munch a juicy carrot!

Fiber content

  • These contain a lot of fiber. Fiber is essential to work our bodily functions and digestion. Your body metabolism also improves and eliminates all those unwanted toxins and other chemicals from our bodies. It helps maintain the required amounts of liquids in the body.

Can reduce depression 

  • Feeling the blues? Any wonder when you consume all that junk food and eat fatty foods. These guys, who eat more vegetables and fruits and maintain a healthy, happy attitude towards life, are not prone to depression, unlike their meat-eating counterparts. They come fresh and straight from farms and homes where they are grown, especially the organic ones, so it makes our minds clear and pure with a positive attitude towards humanity, and life in general.

Improve Metabolism

  • They can digest their food much more comfortable than those who consume fatty and processed foods. The metabolism is also kept in tip-top shape. The higher the RMR is, the more quickly you can burn fat and vice versa.

Global benefits of Vegetarianism

Reduce the risk of cataract development 

  • Being one can reduce the risk of developing a cataract. So, they are better off than the ones who are not who will be at a higher risk.


  • This is also economical, and you can save money. While none will spend money on heaps of crap junk food, which is both bad and unhealthy eating as well as expensive. So, take your pick – do you want to be one or not? The choice is yours.

This is also a better way that we could contribute to the well-being of the environment. As discussed earlier, rearing livestock, feeding them, energy, crops, and lands, all this cost more and more money, and pollution and gas emissions are more to the planet and its environment. Clearing up of rain forests, cleaning up their space, and finally killing these animals, what does it bring? Nothing but pollution, dirt and greenhouse gases and emissions? So being, one or vegan can help drastically, cut down on those emissions by 70% or so if we globally do our bit. Changing our eating habits could also save a further $1 trillion annually by preventing health care costs and lost productivity.  

Environmental benefits of Vegetarianism

A Lot of waste is created in animal farms. Their excreta reach the soils and pollute the groundwater sources. Animal waste and pollution pump in harmful phosphorous, nitrogen, and antibiotics into rivers and lakes. These animals are said to generate 1 million tons of manure each day. This is three times, even more than what the human population would create!!! If people ate less meat, there would be less demand for livestock. Animals contribute to about 15% of Greenhouse gases, because of the methane gas that animal’s release.  

As mentioned earlier in this article – Raising animals for food – including using up and cleaning of lands to raise them and to grow crops eats up about 30% of the earth’s valuable property. 80% of this agricultural land is used to raising animals and for growing food for them. 

Having a meat-free diet and being one will help decrease the cruelty to animals. Animals raised for food are kept in the appalling conditions with little or no room for the animals even to breathe. This results in abusive situations for animals. Cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys are all kept in small cages and stalls; sometimes there is no room even for them to move. 

All this is pollution, collecting more pollution to our environment and planet. So meat production requires a lot of energy, as mentioned above, acres and acres of land are needed to grow food for them. And even worse, more fossil fuels are also burnt in raising, slaughtering, and transportation of these animals. So being one or vegan could be one way of reducing the environmental impact on the earth. By cutting down on meat-eating from one’s diet, it could reduce a person’s carbon footprint from food to about 73%.


If this was truly practiced by everyone (which is not going to happen), it is estimated that 5 million of the population’s premature deaths could be averted by 2050, and this too globally! So, if the health guidelines on meat consumption were followed, this could be a reality. This will work out like 7 million on a completely natural diet and another 8 million on veganism. Seriously! If these steps could be followed, then this would make a high impact on reducing global healthcare costs by 1$ billion a year.

Of course, as is mentioned, everyone can’t strive to be a vegetarian or vegan. But when the climate changes, the impact that it has on food will require more than just technological changes. So, if we can adopt methods for healthier and more environmentally sustainable diets, this can lead to a massive stop and step in the right direction. If these methods of projected benefits encourage one and all, Industries and policymakers should do well to act on this fast. These will inevitably, and most definitely, preserve our environment and our health. Amen!!

So change is the most significant step – eat more green stuff. Cut off all the meat and processed stuff, and meals containing veal and lamb, as these are the stuff that loves to emit a large amount of methane, which is persuasive global warming and warning gas! Going vegan or vegetarian can reduce your carbon footprint by about 20%

Now go, make a difference to your part of the world!


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