Global Warming

The danger of Global warming – Mystery Revealed

Nowadays we can see that the sea level is going up. Some glaciers are dying, and we feel hotter than before. All these things happen because of global warming.

When we are looking for a Global warming definition, we can see that the Oxford dictionary has given the best one. According to the dictionary, it is a constant growing temperature in the world. It happens in the atmosphere. The pollutants such as Carbon dioxide and Chlorofluorocarbon are increasing too. This increase will cause the greenhouse effect also.

Global warming

What is global warming?

NASA says that they got to know about this danger from the year two thousand. After the year, most of the inventions found were not good enough for the environment. People were aware only of themselves. Therefore what was happening in the last fifty years has become a disaster at once.

The temperature of the world is about one Celsius, according to recent reports. This level will grow up until ten Celsius in the next few years. It is not a good situation at all.

They say that the flatlands are getting hot faster than the sea or hill countries. Also, the North Pole gets hot quickly than the South. Maybe it happens because of the axial tilt of 23.4 degrees.

Effects of global warming

The highest effect of this problem is the increase in temperature in the atmosphere of the world. After the year 2001, the hottest year has become the past year. That means the warmest was 2002 in 2003; 2003 in 2004, 2004, 2005…. 2016, 2017 and 2019 in 2020. What do you guess? Yes, the temperature is growing up regularly.

Most of the glaciers began to melt because of warming. One of the glaciers named Ok Jokull has died permanently in the year 2019. The researchers say that all the beautiful and valuable glaciers all over the world will follow Ok Jokull in the next two hundred years.

The warming is melting ice in the North and South poles. All endemic creatures in there are in danger. They don’t have land at least to keep the feet. The next threat of this melting is affecting the other island all over the world. The sea level is growing up, and some small islands are disappearing. Lower lands of the other islands are sinking too. Eventually, those islands will entirely fall. You will feel that the water in the lakes is warm also.
As we see, the migrating birds have changed their time and pattern. That is not a very good thing because first of all, it is the birds and animals who can understand the danger in their environment. Therefore we can expect something unusual recently.

We can see the trees have changed their behavior too. They bloom faster than before and drop the leaves later. Sometimes they may be trying to balance nature.

Natural disasters

Global warming can affect many natural disasters, such as hurricanes/ typhoons/cyclones. We usually get those in some parts of the world. But this one is different. It is more dangerous and can do more harm to people and properties. It happens because the disaster grows up using the surrounding air.

The frightful lightning is another effect. The researchers say that the number of strikes has increased recently. It is about twelve percent of growing. But the number goes up in every degree if we are going up in the atmosphere.

Not only that, nowadays many countries having their hottest summer seasons. And also, some other countries are experiencing their coldest winter seasons. There is nothing to explain about it anymore. The researchers say that this happens because the hot air is blowing from North to South, or the cold wind is blowing from South to North.

Global warming

The Ozone

Usually, there are so many gases on the surface. Some are good for humans, and some don’t. As we know, we get our light from the sun. But this sun has some rays which are dangerous for humans and animals too. It is the Ozone layer that protects us from those kinds of hazardous rays and gases.
But this valuable layer is being damaged from the year 2000. Actually, our unsuitable activities have destroyed the environment. Burning of the volcanoes and wildfire can destroy this layer very much, but those things don’t happen every day.

Chlorofluorocarbon is the main reason. It can be found in refrigerators, air-conditioners as well as the packing of fast food. The next reason is chlorine. Only one atom of it can destroy about a hundred thousand molecules. But the chlorine we find in swimming pools, drinking water, or salt cannot affect it.

People tend to burn their litter when they don’t have any other option. This activity is hazardous for the layer. Especially plastics, polythene, rubber, and such kind of materials must not be burned at all. Various types of chemicals and gases which are coming out of factories can damage more. That is why every government must have a recycling method.

What are the other causes of global warming?

Actually, damaging the Ozone is just one cause of this disaster. There are many more things that we do to cause warming. We have to say that what people do by destroying everything is just to maintain their comfortability.

One of the leading causes of this global disaster is burning fuel. People have to burn coal, oil, gas, and some other fossils to gain electricity and power. Unfortunately, hydro, solar energy, or wind power is used less than the others. If not, they are the best power gainers, because they do not release any Carbon or CO2.

The reason how the environment is keeping warm in this stage (one Celcius) is the forests. Amazon is the central rainforest. The others, such as Congo, Valdivian, Daintree, South Asian forest, Tongass, Kinabalu, Sinharaja, etc. too are fulfilling a precious duty to keep our world safe. The trees can easily absorb the extra carbon from the air. Therefore cutting trees can cause a global warming disaster. Burning forests causes more damage because it releases more Carbon to the sky. We can only stop what man does. We cannot help with wildfire. The fire happened in Amazon in the year 2019 had damaged a large surface of the atmosphere. But the burning which people do to celebrate the fire day must be stopped at once.

Whether you believe it or not, farming can cause global warming. The animals such as sheep, cows, and goats release Methane gas a lot. Therefore it is better to decrease farming. Not only that, most fertilizers can release harmful gases such as Nitrous Oxide too. People must be aware of it.


Solutions for the causes

One of the steps to prevent this disaster is trying to stop using coal and gas. We must use harmless power gainers, more, and decrease the harmful ones. We can try to use more solar power because, as the third planet of the solar system, we get more sun rays than the other planets.
The next thing is to stop deforestation. We cut trees for many reasons. All of them are for our development only. Some farmers burn forests for their cultivation. People have to stop all of those activities and try to plant at least one tree. There is a proverb in China that says if someone wants to be a man, he must write a book, give birth to a son, and plant a tree.

We have to try to use everything more than once, especially natural resources. Though we can recycle them or not, it is better to re-use as much as you can. Then, we will be able to decrease our waste. Also, the resources must be used very cleverly. We must always be economizing when we use something natural and artificial.

Nowadays, e-waste has become a big problem for the environment. Governments don’t know what to do with them because the waste is a lot. It is better to find a way to recycle them and also as citizens; we can decrease the using of new electronic accessories.

The power plants in the industrial areas cause more to this global warming. Actually, no one can stop it because people need many productions and therefore the factories have to work more and more. They need that much power to work in day and night. Then what can we do? One thing is to bury the plants in the underground. Then the effect will not be so powerful. If not, people can turn the harmful chemicals and gases into some useful or harmless things. We can see that some factories are trying to turn their Carbon Dioxide into gasoline. It is a good trend.

Global warming

Greenhouse gases

As mentioned here before, there are some gases called greenhouse gases. Mainly there are five of them; H2O, N2O, CO2, CH4, and CFC. That means water, Nitrous Oxide, Carbon Dioxide, Methane, and Chlorofluorocarbon.

The most frequent one is water. You may be confused with what does this means. But actually, it is water vapor. We all know that vapor is everywhere. We usually measure the weather in a particular area by those vapors. But how come the water is so dangerous? Actually, it feeds-back the climate of not only one area, but also all the surface. The vapor always gets warm and goes up. Then they made clouds. After the whole cloud filled with water, they come down again. We call it rain. When the water mixed with chemicals, we call it acid rain. This one is dangerous because it can burn not only trees and the entire environment but also our skin.

After the Montreal Protocol has limited the Chlorofluorocarbon gas in the year 1987, one of the most effective gases has become Nitrous Oxide. We gain plentiful of this one in fertilizer. Organic or commercial, they are poisons. There are NO2. We must not be defeated by commercial advertisements about the best fertilizer ever. They all are dangerous. The poison goes into our body by food too. Therefore it is good to use environmentally-friendly methods except for fertilizer. Burning fossils can add Nitrous Oxide to the atmosphere. Also, the Nitric Acid productions such as explosive Ammos, nylon clothes, etc. can add the gas into our environment. Human-made massive fire or natural fires release this NO2 much more. The gas is known as laughing gas, but nowadays it is not making the world laugh, but cry.

Carbon Dioxide, which is less but more effective, comes from natural processes. Breathing is the most natural one because all humans and living creatures cannot live without breathing. Volcanoes are the other natural process. But man can add the gas into the atmosphere too. We cut trees, burn coal, our vehicles burn fuel, etc.

Methane also can be released because of both natural and human activities. The abundant event is a decomposing waste. If we throw the trash to land and do not try to recycle, they can release Methane easily. Then all the people who live near the area will get respiration problems as well as skin diseases. Most of the Asian countries, their main meal is rice. But do you know that rice cultivation can add Methane into the environment? Not only rice but also most of the crops can do that. But we cannot help with it because we need food to survive. This gas is more effective than CO2, but fortunately, it is less than the other three for now.

Actually, Chlorofluorocarbon is the main effective gas. But the world can control it. Synthetic instruments and refrigerators have this gas, but nowadays, most of our fridges are CFC free.

Special greenhouse effects

As mentioned before, the Montreal Protocol tried to stop using effective greenhouse gases. Therefore the Ozone layer seems to be fixed little by little. But we cannot just look away thinking everything will be alright. We have never stopped using harmful things, and we have not stopped releasing the active gases into the world. Therefore according to the United Nations Environmental program, if we do not decrease using those gases (especially Nitrous Oxide), the Ozone will damage again. If so, everything will vanish forever that we won’t be able to turn it back.

When the greenhouse effects go up, the environment will get warmer. Most of the people who are living near the equator will bear it. But what will happen to cold countries such as Iceland, Greenland, etc.? Those bodies have not practiced dealing with hot. They get the sunlight only during a specific time of the year. The animals will face the same problem. What will happen to the polar bears, seals, and penguins? They all will die. So, do we have a right to kill those innocent animals?

As mentioned in the above heading, these greenhouse gases can melt ice. Not only that but also they can make the water hotter. Therefore there is a danger of increasing the level of the sea by expanding seawater.

Do you have any idea of changing the weather routine? On these days, we can have rain in the reputed dry months and no water at all in the wet seasons. The cause is greenhouse gases. Many cultivated areas and most of the crops are in danger of being rot because of this situation. Also recently some plants have started to ask more water than before to grow up. That will be an impending problem because the natural water springs have begun to dry too.

Global warming

Does the sun increase the danger?

One can have a reasonable doubt whether the sun can bring up this global danger or not. If we need to get the best answer for this, we have to look for what NASA says.

They say NO to the question. Explaining it to the world, NASA says that though the sun can warm us, it cannot increase the level so dangerously.
Actually, if we take out the reports, we can understand that the power and the temperature of the sun have grown up. But this process happens very slowly. It will get another hundred thousand years for the sun to burn us totally. The sun doesn’t want to harm us. It is just trying to control our world to live.

According to NASA, if the sun is the reason for this danger, the whole surface must be warmed equally. But it does not happen. All we have is warm in the lower atmosphere and cold in the up. That means the nearer atmosphere to the sun is cooler than the far.

At last, we can affirm that the sun doesn’t cause danger to the world than the man.

Global warming


Global warming is not a simple matter to deal with. It is really dangerous than we think.

Though most of the developed countries cause danger because of their industries, they try to control it as much as they can. The states have some rules to use the environment. Most people have an idea of what is going on, and they try to be careful not to increase the dangerous situation.

It is the developing countries that do not pay enough attention to this matter. No matter how much they tried, many people are only looking at their own advantages.

Therefore as we see, getting rid of this global danger seems to be far away.

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