Global Warming


It is a little too hot these days, isn’t it? It was not any cooler yesterday and it probably is not going to get colder tomorrow. The world is warming up.

Despite what the weather reporter says in the evening news, we do not get much rain, and we sure do feel a lot warmer. And if you say no, then, you are frying and you are lying. Have you ever heard about the phenomenon, global warming?

So, why do you think it is so unbearably hot these days? Most of the rivers are getting dried. The daytime feels as if you are right next to a burning fire. The nights are sweaty.

Fans and air conditioners are all that you think about when you step foot on the streets. And sometimes the fans cannot pull away from the heat either. And sadly, it is all because of humanity.

The humanity that cut down trees that were hundreds of years old!

The humanity that chopped down forests for the land!

Yes, the humanity that pollutes the water that we drink and the air that we breathe!

It is humanity that is destroying the only world that they can live in.

Climate change has become a horrifying reality, a part of our daily lives, and, we are to be blamed. Out of all the climatic problems, global warming is the worst. Scientists say that the world has never seen a temperature rising as fast as what happened in the last 30 years.

And also, the world should be cooling down by now, and not heating up further. But it is pretty clear that Earth missed its cooling phase. The temperature around the globe is still on a rise. And yet, the world is not paying enough attention to it.



Must-know facts about global warming!

Global warming is simply the increase in the Earth’s temperature, caused mainly due to human actions. It is how much the Earth is warming and how fast it is warming. It results in more than one major environmental issue;

  • Warmer atmospheres and oceans
  • Melting of ice caps
  • Rising of sea levels
  • Melting of glaciers
  • Extinction of animals and plants
  • Extreme weather events
  • Natural disasters

The list could go on and on, and it is quite clear what the ultimate result of this would be: “extinction of human beings”.

Global warming is mostly supported by the greenhouse gases that we release. The CO2 that we breathe out is the main reason. Well, about 30 years back there were trees to absorb CO2 that we release, but now, there is not much.

We have industrialized, and globalize, and hence, have brought our end very close to us. And despite what many industries say about reducing their release of CO2, it is still not enough.


The emission of gases through the burning of fossil fuels, the chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) which is mainly in refrigerators, deforestation can be known as the key reasons for global warming.

Actually; these are how we contribute to increasing global warming. The hot summers, that we are currently facing, are what we get in return. The planet has been sending messages to us though we failed to notice.

The sea level has risen from 4 to 8 inches within the past 100 years. Extreme weather conditions such as droughts, floods, and hurricanes, the melting of the arctic pole and the changes in the distribution of fish and sea animals have become the final consequences.

Keep in your mind that these were messages sent to us. But, we have indeed failed to pay attention. We have ignored that our planet is dying.



It is about time that we started healing our planet, if, we hope to live here any longer. This has been under discussion at various summits. But as individuals, we have to start it ourselves.

The cure is in our kitchen refrigerator. The cure is in the garage room. It is on the dining table and mainly in your garden. A single plant will hardly make a difference, but a single plant by a million people would do.

A single CFC-free refrigerator won’t but a thousand would. It is time. It is now or never.


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