Importance of Natural Environment-All you need to know!


The breath-taking scenery of valleys and Truffula trees in the widely loved book The Lorax sends a timely message to both kids and adults today. A simple message, yet a powerfulness on the importance of natural environment. The book creatively explores the dangers of environmental pollution and human negligence in a thought-provoking way. Today, activists are working collectively, now more than ever, to find solutions to many
factors that threaten our natural environment.

Importance of Natural Environment

The key threats to the natural environment!

It is important to understand the level of vulnerability that our planet faces, as a result of many years of exploitation and human negligence. All living beings depend on the natural environment for a number of reasons. However, the assurance of sound wellbeing is a prime reason among others. The solace and natural healing properties, for example, that nature provides to all human beings, should never be taken for granted. Healing and solace certainly do manifest through nature in a number of ways. The natural environment has been a source of inspiration and creativity since the dawn of time. From art therapy to essential oils designed to relieve stress, nature has been generous in functioning as a stimulus for our wellbeing.

The natural environment has also been instrumental in being a source of healing as well as a subject for scientific study. Most holistic and ayurvedic therapy depend on nature for remedial measures in healing. More importantly, one cannot ignore the subject of global warming and greenhouse gases that threaten the livelihood of many. Trees, rivers, mountains, and valleys play a tremendous role in regulating these harmful gases. The astonishing natural process of photosynthesis provides the precious oxygen that human beings and animals need in order to survive. The threat of global warming is more imminent, now more than ever, which helps us grasp the looming threat to our natural environment.

Importance of Natural Environment

What can we do for saving the Earth?

The natural environment is one of beauty, solace, and healing. It has even come to benefit the economies of several countries around the world, through tourism. Eco-tourism has helped in the provision of jobs, global and regional recognition as well as economic gain. Famous landmarks across the world, be it rainforests, mountains, trenches or lowlands; are products of the natural environment. The Sinharaja rainforest, the Grand Canyon and Mount Everest are few among many breath-taking natural landforms.

Despite the countless benefits we receive through Mother Nature, people often forget the importance of preserving it. The natural environment has been threatened by several manmade phenomena.

Some of them include deforestation, land mines, war, plastic pollution and even daily practices such as littering. Such spontaneous activities led my man himself has resulted in numerous tragic disasters. Floods, landslides and climate change are a few cases in point. Such events often take place on a massive scale, consequently claiming the lives of hundreds of millions and leaving a country in severe economic distress. It is paramount that
people understand the vicious cycle that will continue if the natural environment is subject to continuous threat.

Importance of Natural Environment

Wrapping Up!

The world should unite in educating the masses and being proactive in the implementation of sustainable solutions designed to save our planet. After all, it is the only planet that accommodates human life and it is our responsibility to protect it.

Importance of Natural Environment

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