Everything you need to know about renewable energy sources!

We all know that the earth belongs to its every creature. But the most highlighted creature, the man has acquired the space of handling the earth’s belongings for survival and existence. Man’s most important asset; the brain is always behind this acquisition. When you look at the present world, there are numerous inventions that facilitate the man with easy living, in many ways. As stated above, this brain is heroic enough to make use of other creatures of the earth for man’s advancement. When you speak about the rest of the creatures and how they are used, it is very interesting to discuss “renewable energy sources”.  If you read the above carefully, you can get to the basic point of what a renewable energy source is.

Yes, it is about making use of other creatures of the earth. Let us see how we can define what renewable energy sources is.

What is a renewable energy source

What is a renewable energy source?

As the word “renewable” itself defines, it is something that doesn’t have an ending. In another word, something that is sustainable. How interesting it is to have the chance to make use of such sustainable sources? Energy sources have a major role in the day-to-day life of the man. When the need for energy sources is at a high rate, it is important to make the energy endless. That is when renewable energy sources come into the discussion. So a renewable energy source is energy from something that is endless.

Shown below are some endless/renewable energy sources.

Solar energy

Solar energy – This powerful energy comes from the light and the heat of the sun. Energy from the sun is highly appealing when it comes to producing electricity. Although sunlight and heat can act a major role in the talk of renewable energy sources, we all know that we cannot receive sunlight or heat 24 hours.

Neither can we receive this energy in every location?

So making use of energy from the sun depends on time and location.

Wind energy

The wind energy is made by the use of turbines. The possible quantity of wind energy depends on the size of the turbine and the length of the turbine blade. Wind energy is also used for electricity and Sri Lanka is the first country to use wind energy in a factory.

Hydro energy

This source of energy comes from one of the most common natural sources; water. The use of water energy depends on the length of water and the speed of the water flow. It is possible to keep water stored and produce Hydroelectricity when we need it.

Tidal energy

Tidal energy comes from tides of the sea. Though this source of energy is not popular among other renewable energy sources, the sea which covers 70% of the earth acts as the biggest solar receptor.

Geothermal energy

Geothermal energy comes from the earth. This source of energy is used for heating or cooling purposes. It also helps to produce electricity.

Advantages of the use of renewable energy sources

In modern society, people tend to use environmentally friendly sources. Making use of natural sources can benefit the man in both health and environmental aspects. As this type of energy is sustainable, these sources won’t stop providing energy. In addition, the cost of maintenance of renewal energy sources is very low. So choosing renewal energy sources saves your money. Another important advantage is you can produce the renewal energy locally and that will cut the cost of foreign products for power needs. When sources are used for power, it is highly necessary to keep the energy provider stored.  It is always capable with renewal energy sources.

What is a renewable energy source

How renewable energy sources can affect the future?

With the competition in the current society, it is very important and advantageous to get used to renewal energy sources to face the energy crisis which may take place in the future. As everyone is expecting a green future renewal energy sources will have a main role in making the future a better place when it comes to the healthiness of the environment. It is necessary to fill the new generation with the knowledge of renewal energy sources to make it work for the future. The world at the present tends to discard the other energy sources because renewable/sustainable energy sources have already proven how effective they can play their role in making some natural power.

The worth of nature is reflected by how it is used by the man. So let us make use of our nature in an effective way.

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