Global Warming

What is global warming – The recurring issue of the planet earth

Global warming is most likely to become the deadliest threat of our century. Its effects are going to take place in every single part of the earth. No matter how rich or poor we think we are, we all are going to experience the terrifying consequences of global warming. What is global warming? Global warming can be referred to as a phenomenon that takes place in the atmosphere by increasing the average temperature of the earth. The main effect of this unusual increase in temperature is climate change. Global warming modifies the balance in the weather and the ecosystem. The results of this are not in the future; we are already experiencing the effects in our day-to-day lives. Global warming is directly connected to human activities, especially the release of heat-trapping gases that affects the greenhouse effect.

What is global warming

What is global warming: The Beginning?

Global warming, too, has a start like every other occurrence in the earth. There is natural warming that takes place because of the energy that comes to the planet through the Sun. But the earth acts as a greenhouse that is capable of handling the heat energy that comes from the Sun. The tolerating strength of the earth diminished every year because of humankind. Human activities initiated a massive force of global warming, and now the climate is changing as a result of what the man has done, at an alarming rate. What is global warming when compared to other natural disasters? You can say that global warming is the root cause of most of the tragedies we face today.

History of enhanced global warming

Emission of heat-trapping gases came to being in the late 1850s. Since then, the atmospheric Carbon dioxide level has increased from 280 to 410 at the moment. That alone is a great force of heat that enhances global warming. At a rate such as this, it is projected that by the year 2075, vast volumes of ancient greenhouse gases combined with industrial emissions will make the earth’s carbon dioxide level to an unimaginable hothouse.

Until recently, we were playing with a fantastic climate system earth possessed. Now the earth is reacting adversely because it cannot handle the warming rate anymore. Is global warming real? It cannot get more realistic than now. We are experiencing extreme weather conditions, abrupt changes in the climate, and sudden natural disasters. Until ten to twenty years ago, people did not take any initiative to curb the emission of greenhouse gases. With the harm that has been done already, even if we control the emission of harmful gases, we still cannot stop the speed of earth’s warming.

Fortunately, over the last decade, technological change has given some hope. But is it feasible? None of us are sure. But there are renewable energy systems that have been developed with governments backing up. We need to act reversed to the existing warming of the earth, with renewable energy, to reset the earth back to its original state of warming. A lot of scientists have stated that it is not possible to reverse the earth back to the 1800s as global warming has done a lot of geographical and climate changes to the planet.

What is global warming

What causes global warming?

With recent findings, scientists believe that human activities are the leading cause of global warming. Even though the sun sends energy waves to the earth, human activities enhance the earth’s warming at a very rapid pace. There are many humanmade causes of global warming.

Fossil fuels

Why do people only talk about Carbon Dioxide excess when there are many other heat-trapping gases? Carbon Dioxide has become a massive problem as there is a considerable amount of it released to the atmosphere through fossil fuels. Such as coal, gas, oil, and cutting down of trees.


Scientists have discovered that deforestation is the second highest contributor to global warming. Deforestation releases around 24% of the entire global gas emission. Deforestation in tropical rainforests makes carbon dioxide to be released to the air more than the whole world’s cars on the road.

Intensive farming

Alterations on the land can cause changes in the climate. Intensive machine-farming has caused the concentration of carbon dioxide to go higher. Soil erosion and cutting down of trees in order to make the land for farming has mainly contributed to global warming.

Waste disposal

Carbon dioxide and methane take the first two places for greenhouse gases. The more they are emitted to the atmosphere, the more the earth warms. Direct waste disposal systems lift the land in lumps with toxins and materials that don’t dispose of.


Mining contributes around 5% of the entire greenhouse gas emission. Construction is based on metals and raw materials taken from mining. From abstraction to delivery, there is a lot of alteration that takes place, which emits a lot of greenhouse gases into the air.

What causes global warming the most? Every activity that involves emitting greenhouse gases causes global warming. The areas described above are a few of the most significant contributors to global warming. These activities have many adverse effects on the entire functionality of the planet earth. It is almost impossible to reverse back to the 1800s since the damage is happening from all sides of the world. Every construction, every manufacturing factory, and every production place has something to do with global warming. When technology takes a highway to increase, it also takes global warming along with it. People have realized it now, but is it too late?

Is global warming real?

When you hear on the news about sudden outpour of rain, or eruption of volcanos, and unexpected tornados, don’t be surprised. Every adverse reaction from nature is a result of what we have done. Human beings have become a catalyst that encourages global warming. In return, we are the ones who are suffering because of the wrong decisions we made regarding greenhouse gases. It is time to change our system in order to save the planet for our future generations.

What is global warming

Global Warming 2019: Effects of global warming

Global warming does not only change the weather system, but it also affects many other areas concerning human existence. We will now have a look at the present situation of global warming, the effects it has made on human life, and the changes it has made on the climate.

Effects of global warming on biodiversity

A healthy and functional ecosystem with rich biodiversity is the standing pillars of our survival. It is essential to our planet as well as human beings. Global warming directly affects climate change, thus making species to migrate to more favorable areas. Even a slight change in the surrounding can change their habitat completely. We may think a small increase in the temperature is normal. But it affects the ecosystem and biodiversity on a large scale. Ecosystems and biodiversity are inter-connected in every way. An adverse effect on biodiversity means a direct change in the ecosystem, as well. Changes in biodiversity are what causes global warming to increase more by each passing day.

What is global warming

Dreading effects of global warming on oceans

Polar Regions are the first to be thrown off by global warming. Increasing average temperature makes the ice sheets and glacial ice melt. In return, the sea level increase causing a lot of natural disasters. Glaciers that are centuries old in the Arctic have melted more than 95%. Ice Sheets and sea ice melt because of the temperature and adds to the sea level. It is found out that in a century, the sea level increases up to 18cm. By the year 2100, the sea level will rise to 1 meter, which is scary to even think of. An excessive amount of Carbon Dioxide released into the air makes the seawater more acidic. This has become a challenge to seashells and aquatic species.

What is global warming

The most affected area of global warming: Change on the weather

The first evidence of global warming was, change in the climate. People started noticing sudden changes in the climate, making them wonder something was wrong. Climate is the first area to be affected by increasing temperature. Climatologists have been noticing drastic changes in the climate for decades. Global warming has welcomed long-lasting droughts, frost-free winters, and natural disasters. In drier areas, droughts have become more frequent and long-lasting. Winters have become frost-free in most regions where winter was the coldest. The worst thing about global warming is natural disasters. Natural disasters affect the entire earth in different forms. Flooding, hurricanes, storms, tornados, and tsunamis are, to name a few.

Global warming has not spared the man

It is sad to see that global warming affects humankind in a very serious manner. It is because of man that global warming increased.  The worst outcome of global warming on mankind is the diseases. It is also mankind that suffers because of it. The ever-increasing average temperature in the atmosphere has created an environment for so many viruses and bacteria to birth. It has also paved the path to a lot of skin cancers, skin rashes, and skin allergies because of heat.

Not only health issues, but climate change also has taken a toll on the human lifestyle. Every change in the weather affects man and his day. Serious effects, such as floods or storms, can even make humans lose their homes. Rising sea levels and other natural permanent changes are making a man move around without settling. A lot of migration happens because of climate change. People change states, cities, and countries because of this. Scientists have estimated that by 2050, there will be around 250 million people victimized by climate change. How sad is this situation?!

Global warming 2019: Prevention methods and initiatives to slow down global warming.

The first step to take as one, to prevent global warming is to create reusable energy. Putting a stop to fossil fuels with revitalize the air and stop the emission of greenhouse gases. Reusable energies that are in progress are solar energy, wind, geothermal, and biomass. With technological development, it is crucial to find solutions that minimize the consumption of energy, such as LED bulbs and innovation water systems and bathroom settings. Apart from that, sustainable transport with hydrogen mobility, infrastructure with less energy-consuming fittings, substantial forest and agriculture management, and recycling can fight global warming effectively and efficiently. But all these steps have to be taken as soon as possible to prevent the earth from being harmed further.

What is global warming

Conclusion: What is global warming, and what are we going to do about it?

For centuries, people have contributed to enhancing the rate of atmospheric heat. Now it is time to look back at what we have done and try to change it. A lot of countries have bounced back to biodegradable materials and put a stop to fossil fuels. But this has to be done worldwide in order to fight global warming. Not only it affects the earth, but it also affects every functionality starting from the smallest fish to humans. We are in an endangered zone where the atmosphere is at a continuous increase in temperature. Climate change and other effects of global warming are now evident in every part of the world in different ways.

When it should snow, the sun shines. Where it should rain, there is a drought. The entire ecosystem has become topsy-turvy. In return, plant life, the animal kingdom, and humankind are affected to an almost irreversible extent. We have to remember that the entire process is inter-connected. If we do not break the link, the heat will continue to rise until we do not have a planet to live in. If we had taken initiatives to prevent global warming when it was first identified, today, the world would have been in a better place. The sad truth is, we waited until 95% of Arctic’s glacial ice melted to think of prevention. What is global warming to humans? It is the ultimate natural threat of this century. If we all contribute, we can fight global warming.

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